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    Second tank in 3 months!

    Just pretty much finished setting up my 50G tank... second tank in like 3 months! No no no, i'm not THAT crazy.. mostly just coz my first tank broke, literally, if anyone remembers:

    So the new 50G is custom-made from NAFB in Scarborough.. 36"x18"x18", 3/8" thick glass and it's pretty solid. Hopefully no more leak, crash, break etc etc (touch wood!). And yeah have to 'force' to upgrade the light, now it's a Finnex T5 fixture, 4x38W, pretty darn bright :flower:

    Skimmer also got upgraded... a Coralife Superskimmer 65G. Yep, ONLY a 65G version. The story is I was planning it for my previous broken 30G. I placed the order for the skimmer online and sure enough 2 days later my tank broke and my order had already been shipped out.... so booohooo. A 120G, or even the 220G, version would be better if I can... but oh well guess I'm stuck with the 65G version for now.hshoot:

    Other than those, not much changes. I actually didnt' get any more extra LR or sand, as I had some extra LR in the sump before. Got a few small pieces of corals.... and STILL only a cardinal and the 2 blennies. Not that I'm THAT patient but i just haven't been able to find the fish I want :

    Some pics under the new T5 light:

    The whole setup, blurry tho

    Orange zoos under T5 actinic only

    Briareum under actinic

    one of the new zoos

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    some old some new zoos under actinic

    The same as above but with both 10k and actinic on

    Blastomussa, feeding it is fun

    The color on this rock looks almost fake but it's real! It wasn't like this before.. then after in the 15G holding tank and now under the new light, that pinkishh color showed up. It glow under the actinic! But now after 2 weeks or so in the 50G, the color disappeared, or changed back to the normal purple... too bad.


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    WOW those are looking good. You take great close ups! Realy nice colonies!

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    Very nice! Congratulations ... very nice corals Damn I gotta get me some of those orange zoos. Is it a bare bottom?

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    It WAS bare bottom when I took the pic. But I had no plan to go bare bottom... just had to wash the sand from the old tank before dumping them in I can't quite stand bare-bottom... having some sand is lot more natural-looking for me.
    Hardwares: 50G reef tank, 30G sump & ~55lb Indo/Fiji LR. Finnex 36"x4 T5 lights, Coralife Superskimmer 220g, Mag9.5 return and SEIO820+MJ600 PH.
    Corals: zoosss, mushrooms, hammer, torch, fogsprawn, blasto, crocea clam, RBTA
    Fish: Percular clown PJ cardinal, royal gramma, yellow watchman goby, 3x chromis.

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    It's very nice! I look forward to have some orange zoos too!
    180g AGA inwall W/ 2 overflows W/ 205g sump 20g fuge, 77g W/ 30g sump 12g fuge w/mag 9.5 pump.

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    An update

    Finally bought some more fish just the pass weekend... 2 small percula clowns and a coral beauty angel... also got 2 small cleaner shrimps. Finally the tank is becoming more lively heh

    Full tank shot:

    Coral Beauty angel... hard to take pic of as he's swimming around the rock all the time. Finger crossed hopeing he wont' turn into eating corals

    Cleaner shrimp at work already (this pic taken with flash)

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    Tank is looking good :clap2:
    Oh my that's expensive :canadian: oof:

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    The tank is looking really nice! Good work.
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
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