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Thread: kind of worm

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    kind of worm

    Hello guys.
    As a fairly new reef keeper I have began to encounter
    pest in my new set up.
    I recently added live rock to my tank.....But a new problem has began.......
    Last night as I was looking at the tank I began to see
    little worms in the tank.....they look like small millipides or centepides.the question is? Are they harmful to the tank..
    mind you I have nothing in that tank yet..just live rock and some corals that came with the rock. the millipides like worms are coming from the pores in the rock.any ideas or treatment
    for such pest? are they harmful?
    thank guys I really appreciate any coments or ideas.

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    Sounds like bristle worms. If they are red they could be fire worms (fire bacause of the feeling you get when you touch them).

    Looks something like this?

    They are not harmful, and can be considered part of your cleanup crew. Some fish will enjoy eating them so, it can be a source of food.

    If they bother you too much, you can get treatment for them.
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