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    Sep 2004
    I like the idea of not using the light and let the tank starve!

    maybe i can throw in some peppermint shrimp in as well to let them feedthemself on aptasia.
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    Are you sure you can find anyone who you can pay to feed and top off your would be alot cheaper than restocking again.....I go away all the time for one month at a time...this year ive been gone over 6 months and the years before as well....i never lost anything....I never had coral though but fish wise nothing and the parameters were always good......

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    I'll be around so if you want we can work something out.

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    How about those nudi(?) that eat aiptasia?
    Hardwares: 50G reef tank, 30G sump & ~55lb Indo/Fiji LR. Finnex 36"x4 T5 lights, Coralife Superskimmer 220g, Mag9.5 return and SEIO820+MJ600 PH.
    Corals: zoosss, mushrooms, hammer, torch, fogsprawn, blasto, crocea clam, RBTA
    Fish: Percular clown PJ cardinal, royal gramma, yellow watchman goby, 3x chromis.

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    I plan on stocking just fish when i come back.
    Maybe i'll even take a few month off the fish hobby to adjust everything first then start with a new project !?
    Who knows ill keep everyone posted.
    Newbie in training

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