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    Lighting in Freshwater tank

    I was given the go ahead about posting here about this so here it goes. Pretty basic thing for veterans like you guys I think.

    how much light ( watts ) do i need in a tank 48 inch long 18 deep? it is an 90 gallon tank, I have head of the watts per gallon thing but i heard that only applys to tanks that are 10-50 gallons.

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    Is this going to be a planted tank? If so you'd want anywhere from 64 ~ 80 to 128 ~ 160 watts. This translates to 2 ~ 4 48" bulbs (T8 ~ T12). I kept a 48 x 18 66 gal and ran 200 watts over it. I grew 15 different plants from low to high light requirements. Add some DIY Co2 and away you go!

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    yes planted. the one plant i would like is dwarf hairgrass. I have heard from some people that it does not need that much light to survive and others tell me i need A LOT.

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    You'll find all you need there

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