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    White/greyish film.

    Hello fellow reefers.
    Just another question regarding my tank.
    I have notice that my new set up......*live rock*
    has created a film on top of the water.....this film is sort of whitish which began as soon as Introduced the rock.......
    I'am thinking it might be dust from the rock or maybe calcium
    deploration from the rocks..but not really sure........My skimmer
    has pulled lots of brown water and waste.but the film is still there.
    Any Ideas of what I can rid of such film.....I noticed that is not harming the corals on the rocks.just the water not as pristine as it should be.

    any ideas?

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    add water movement on the surface, that should get the film to your skimmer.
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    You can use a paper towel to soak up the film, this is only a temp solution and therefore you should find the source. If it is only caused by new addition of rock then this will work well.
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