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Thread: Hair algae

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    Hair algae

    I understand that most new tanks go through a hair algea faze. Ho long is this supposed to last. It keeps coming in waves for me. Seems to get better and then....The tank cycled in the end of april. The first wave started in end may. Battlein since. Parims are good. Skimmer working and trying not to over feed. Reef crew in place. Ho long does it typicallly last is my question?



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    If your nitrates are near zero and you're not introducing phosphates to the tank hair algae should not last very long. Mine lasted maybe 1 month after adding my full cleanup crew. I manually removed the stuff that was too long that my cleanup crew was not eating. Haven't see it since.

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    Are you using DO/DI water? Dose the reappearance seem to be soon after any particular activity like a water changes or top ups? If there is nitrate and or phosphates from any source in the system Hair algae will continue to do well in your tank.

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    I am using RO/DI water. I had a 'bloom' after vacation so I think the person watching the tank may have been ovef feeding....but I expected things would be getting better soon...
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