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    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

    Last Saturday, I purchased a small skunk cleaner shrimp from my local marine store in hopes that it would help clean up my fish to prevent parasites or infections. I was told that it would set up a cleaning station, and fish would go to it to get cleaned. The problem is that I haven't seen it cleaning any fish. It hides behind the rockwork all day and rarely comes out. Should I be worried about this? Thanks

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    Mine really likes to hide ... I think they all do. He comes out when I feed the tank and sometimes to pick on the rock but usually he stays in his cave. I've only got one fish in my tank and the shrimp has tried to clean him a few times but it's him that has gone to the fish and not the fish that came to him. He did not setup a "cleaner station" per say. I'm sure it's fine. Give it some time you'll see it pick at some fish eventually

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    I have one is my 150g and he hides a lot. But I have seen him clean the Lawnmower Blenny many times. And the 'output' end of the sea cucumber!
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    They do tend to hide when they first go int he tank.

    Mine will come out and try to clean the fish, but most are too snobby for him.

    Give him time and you'll see more of him
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    My 2 were hiding for the first week. Then starting to come out more... still won't come out in the wide open and walk on the sand per say (unless there's food), but at least you can see their heads.
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    Often times the shrimp will do their work behind the rocks. the fish may be going to them. That's how it went when i added my cleaners. I always knew where they were hiding because the fish all hung around that area.

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