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    Purple Firefish and Orchid Dottyback Compatible?!?!

    Last night my GF and I picked up a Purple Firefish from a forum member. The plan was to put him in her 30g Bow. Currently there is a pair of ocelaris and an Orchid Dottybackin the 30g. The instant we put the firefish in tank it was fighting (pretty viciously too!) with the dottyback. So we took him back out and is now in a temporty 10g QT tank...

    Is this "normal"? Is it possible they'd sort out their differences and live peacefully or would they just tear each other appart?

    I'm not so sure what we're going to do with him, just yet. I'm pretty well maxed for fish in my 65G. Otherwise I'd LOVE to have him in my tank


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    Chad I am sorry to hear about this fight that occured. Unfortunately I do not have any advice on the matter as I have limited experience with fish relations.

    Hopefully someone speaks up here and lends a hand. I would hate to see him get hurt. I am surprised you were able to catch the purple firefish that easily, took me forever and had to drain my tank :P

    Anyways best of luck to you two.


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    Seriously! I suprised myself... I think he was exhausted after his fight... I just sort of put the net against the side of the tank and waited for him to swim by, then nabbed him with a quick scoop.. I couldn't believe it was that easy either..

    Yeah I didn't want him (or the dottyback) to be hurt either.. so right now I'm keeping him alone in the 10G tank. I'd really like to put him in my tank... But I'd have to get rid of a fish inorder to really do that...
    I do have a yellow watchman/pistol shrimp pair that's causing me some trouble and would love to remove them. The shrimp won't stop digging and it's causes my water to cloud-up. Getting those two out of the tank will be next to impossible I figure..


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    Yeah, I moved my Pistol Shrimp from my 29 to the 75 recently. I needed to remove all to rocks. Look from below to find which tunnel it was in. Then I collapsed the exits and chased it out onto the sand. It was still tricky getting it to settle into the net so I could move it to the aclimation bucket, and the tank only had sand in it. Sheesh.

    If you put a particulate filter in your system when it gets clowdy, eventually you will remove all the fine dusty sand and they can continue to churn the bed without cloud storms. Just remember to change the filter frequently enough to avoid making the filter a home for Nitrifying bacteria.
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    I am sure the dottyback will win over the firefish.

    I had a yellowtail damsel and then I put an orchid dottyback. They fought until the yellowtail damsel became tailless damsel. Then over few weeks, the damsel recovered and they have been living together for over 1.5 years ever since - although from time to time the dottyback chased the damsel off.

    My tank is 15G !

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