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Thread: Anemone moving.

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    Unhappy Anemone moving.

    Hi fellow refers.
    Once again puzzled about this event(new to me)
    I recently bought a Flower Anemone from a member here at the club.
    But what I have seen lately is new to me.
    This anemone keeps moving from one side of the tank to the other areas of the tank....stays one day in one section and then when the lights go off. he packs and moves.
    he seems quite healthy as he eats what I feed the fish.
    Is he trying to tell me something?
    Lights/water temperature/other corals/
    and How can I keep him in one place.
    should I be worry.
    parameters are ok,last time I check.
    Any ideas and solution to this!!!!!!!
    thanks in advance.

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    anemone's move.

    I have a ritteri that has himself a nice little spot from which he doesn't move...but his day will come.
    I have a bubble that never stops, so is the way of the bubble.

    Both are in tanks with great light, good flow ( they like different flow ), and good water.
    125G in wall
    2 x 250 hqi
    4 x 4' actinics
    tunze wavemaker & 6060
    2 x 1200 maxi's
    quiet one 3000

    ...just started of course

    One day my daughter asked me for Nemo. Here we are thousands later and I'm just getting started.

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