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Thread: Water flow

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    Water flow

    Should 300gph be enough flow through my tank?

    I'm going to have 300gph (Mag 5 at 4'-5' head) coming from my sump and splitting the pipe and putting returns in the top corners in the back point down and towards the middle of the front glass.

    I don't want to add any powerheads or equipment into my tank so if need be i'll buy a bigger pump.

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    Mag 5 at 5 feet head loss will bring you down to about 250 GPH. You will also lose a bit more depending on the plumbing you install; "T" fittings and 90 deg elbows will reduce flow by a bit. I think that you will be O.K with a Mag 5 for a 27 gallon tank.

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    That will put you at the lower end of acceptable, but, still acceptable. You will have to stay with softies (but, in a 27 gal, you probably will anyway).

    If memory serves, a Mag 5 has 1/2" NPT for the input and output. I would plumb with 1" to minimize the head loss due to elbows and the tee.
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    I'm gonna try to get a "Y" connector to minimise the loss

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    Using flexible hosing where possible instead of pipes will also increase the flow a bit.

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