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    Need urgent ID !!!

    Last night, long after lights went off, I turned on my desk lamp and I saw something wierd/new in my tank.
    It was something sticking out the rock (originaly base rock) all the way to the sang, digonaly in a straight line.
    he color was tanish and it didn't first.
    I brought the light closer and it shrunk in the rock (it didn't seam it pulled itself in the rock, but shrunk).
    It stayed on the hole in the rock. It didn't move.
    I couldn't take a picture of it.
    Before it shrunk, it was arround 2" long and almost 1/4" thick and round. (loked almost like strawberry conch's neck in color and shape, but thicker)
    This morning it was gone.
    By the way...the tip that was in the sand, it was at the spot it threw in a piece of frozen uncooked shrimp earlier in the evening.
    What could it be???
    Is it good or bad???
    Somebody have a picture or a link???

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    Hard to say with out a picture could be a worm of some sort.
    Don't know.

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    Icecap dual175 20k MH, 250 20k MH center, 2 actinic, 2 -actinic white VHOs
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    could likely be a peanut worm try a google Image search on "peanut worm"

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    It looks lke it is a peanut worm.
    Are they good or bad and why??

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    They're good. They're part of the clean up crew.
    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    i hope i have some hidden in my tank
    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

    Pics -->

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