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    Fluorescent Light?

    I came to the step of upgrading my lightning system.
    I am going for the workhorse7.

    Yesterday I went to aquariumservices and I got one

    In the box there was a sticker that was atached to it and was writen "360.. 75 WATT FLUORSCENT"

    When I took that sticker off in the original box it was writen
    "360 outbut 24ich 20 WATT"

    I already called aquariumservices and they said that all their CORALIFE bulbs have the same box and they had to put that stick in.

    Can someone tell me if there is a way I can test the bulb and make sure it is 75w.

    Do you think these Compact Fluorescent Lamp 10,000K 65 Watt 21""
    Are they any better.?



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    i know there is a little device you can buy that tells you how many lumens the bulb is putting out, but that goes for like $99 US - i dont think it would be worth it... unless you're looking to sue, in which case its only a small investment.
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