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    3rd month into it

    I'd like to start off by saying thanks to all who assisted in getting my 90 plus sump (120 AquaC skimmer) project up and running.

    No soft coral fatalities
    anemone is looking good
    my two older clowns bit the dust :bawling:
    my Tomato Clown and Firehawk are going strong
    Coralline is establishing nicely

    RO/DI is heaven sent!
    But the water the system produces is rather acidic (6.8ph)
    Overall, the balance is relatively consistent.
    Except for Alk and Cal.
    I find myself continuously fighting to bring the Alk and Cal parameters up to par. Im currently using the Kent Part A and B

    Im getting a constant maroon (silt like) algae growth forming in the sand.

    And of course, some green (hair) algea forming here and there. Nothing out of control.

    Reef Crew:
    At the moment, my reef crew lack’s infantry. About 12 turbos and 10 hermits, and countless tiny starsfish and snails.

    My next reef crew acquisitions:
    More snails
    reef friendly sand sifting star or Pistol shrimp and goby
    Lawnmower Blemy

    But I would like to see the tank settle before adding anything else.

    Ideally, id like to be algae free (wouldn’t everyone?) . But Id like to go about solving my minor problems the right way.

    Are my current algae issues caused by the young age of the system, water balance, or lack of reef crew?

    When should I consider safely building up the reef crew?

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again

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    The maroon algea building up in the sand is most likely cyano. After 3 months it should be receding and pretty much gone unless there's a problem.

    Unless you have lps or sps in the tank, there's no reason to dose. Except possibly to learn how to dose. It's easy to over shoot the mark, which can end up in repressed levels rather than too high. If you've seen snow storms after dosing this might be your problem.

    What salt mix are you using? Some are notoriously low in Mg, which is needed to maintain a balance. Still I wouldn't add anything until I'd tested for it.

    Algea blooms when there are more nutrients than the system can absorb, before the aglea does.

    A young tank can certainly be a cause, but you might only need to increase your clean up crew.

    As long as your parameters are good, adding snails & crabs isn't a big bio-load. Adding a fish you need to take more time with as they definately increase the bio load & your system needs to "catch up" before you add more.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Just a point of information.

    A PH of 6.8 is nearly neutral, very slightly acidic. 7 is neutral. It is a logarythmic scale and compared to the 8.2 that we want tanks to be, the difference between 7 and 6.8 is negligible.
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    Re: 3rd month into it

    No snow storm LOL. What do you suggest I use to keep the Cal and Alk levels fromm falling?

    Im using "instant Ocean Salt"

    I will be adding more snails this week.

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    Well what is your Ca and alk at? If you only have 1 or 2 softies, dont worry about it. Just do water changes as there is no need to dose. Chill with the snails as: 1-hermits will kill them and your bioload is low. 2- They can/will die if there isn't enough food, this can happen in 1-2 months as your cyano and algea recedes. Keep your water in good condition as an anemone should be placed in an established/mature tank with good water quality
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