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    List of fish for new set-up....

    Ok didnt know were to stick this so "Just getting started " it goes...lolll

    Got the NEW 130g set-up and filling with salt water (hehehe) now Thanks to Tang-man (humm I really should thank him for all the help AGAIN!) I have his book "Angelfish & Butterflyfish" by Scott Micheal on my lap and now I can't decide what to do!! Here is the list that I'm concidering. Tell me what you all think please.
    The 130 will of course be in-line with the rest of the system and will have it's own dedicated skimmer. It will be a FOWLR. you'll understand why with my stocking choices... hehehe

    1- Forcipiger flavissimus - Longnose Butterflyfish

    2- Chaetodon collare - Pakistan Butterflyfish

    3- Chaetodon lunula - Racoon Butterflyfish
    4- Chaetodon semilarvatus - Golden Butterflyfish

    If the chance presents itself to get a mated pair for the butterflyfishes I would really concider it and remove one from my list.

    5- Cheatodontoplus septentrionalis - Bluestripe Angelfish (don't know if this one is locally available?)

    6- Pomacanthus Imperator - emperor Angelfish (I really want this one above all the others!)

    7- Pomacanthus navarchus - Bluegirdled Angelfish.(Majestic)

    I was thinking Annularis... but after reading the book it gets WAY tooooo big for the 130g!!

    Now a Regal Angelfish would be great!! but... don't really want to take a chance on it :s

    Now any wrongs in this potential list? I'm probably over stocked if I were to get every single one of these but I am unsure of availability of some of them.
    If anybody has experience with any of these or has different ideas to add/substract form my list feel free to comment please!
    Also order of introduction? Butterflies first? So many questions!! lol
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
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    Heya Carol,
    Thanks for the kind words! hehehe....
    You guys are really gonna get me in trouble soon, I'm now trying to convince my wife into getting another tank, I'm so jealous! Oh well, until that happens, I can live vicariously through you.

    As far as your fishlist goes... I think that may be too many for a 130gal. I've seen every single fish available locally, except for the Cheatodontoplus septentrionalis - Bluestripe Angelfish. This one may be very difficult to come by.
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    Hey Vince!

    I figured for the C. Septentrionalis, I have never seen one either but wow that's a nice fish and stays pretty small too! so lets say I drop that one from the list and keep the 2 Pomacanthus How many butterflyfishes you think I can get away with? :-P and 2 Poma.... any problems with aggressivity there in the long run?

    Plus I was thinking a really cool star fish that's not reefsafe, but something that stays out in the open.. like a chocolat chip? do-able or do they have poor life span in our systems?
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
    Dont mind my spelling mistakes I've got an excuse...I'M FRENCH!

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    Hey Carol! Will you set up your sump a different way as in reef for your FO tank?

    If it was me, i would only put one big angel...

    you should start a thread for your FO only tank

    It will help out others and me too since i am planning on doing a 135G FO tank for my room

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    Hey Richard!

    The set-up will be well documented... you know me I like to show off...lolll

    I know I should do only 1 "big' angel but the majestic isn't that big..(9.8 inches).loll
    Well in my mind 9 inches isnt that big <g>
    I'm more concerned of the 2 of them being together. Worst comes to worst , I'll just drasticly cut my butterfly population IF I can find enough info saying the 2 angels will do well in one tank.OR I'll do just the Imperator and some butterflies.... so many choices!
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
    Dont mind my spelling mistakes I've got an excuse...I'M FRENCH!

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    675 Gallon Aquarium in the works

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    Nice work on the tank, Im REALY currious as to how much a seamless tank costs? Looks realy sharp!

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