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    fluorescent lighting

    Hello All I am setting up a 77gal fish and live rock tank no coral and the canopy that i have will only fit one tube was wondering what the best choice would be

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    Sounds like NO lighting. I'd suggest a 10K lamp if you can find it, but 6,500K is likely more attainable.

    It'd be a bit of a drive, but I've got a 2 tube 4' long NO fixture collecting dust at home. (I'm in Hull). I'll have to double check but from memory it's got a 10K and an actinic in it. Might be a daylight & actinic tho. I'll through both bulbs in.

    If you're interested, PM me.

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    A 50/50 URI VHO. Great to look at.

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    I'v got 2 single and 2 double NO 36" fixtures I'm selling if you are interested?

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    If you are going with Hagen stuff, the Powerglo is a good looking bulb or the Aquaglo- which will bring out the reds on the fish a little, but is a little more dim that the powerglo. Coralife makes good looking bulbs as well- the 50/50 or 10 k would be best
    You really have to look at the bulb to decide..

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    Thanks for the input all I decided on a 10,000k looks good with the white sand bottom

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