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Thread: Beginner corals

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    Beginner corals

    I have am finally thinking about more corals for the tank. Have had a long battle with bryopsis algae. Still some present but I would like to start adding some coral.

    I have some mushrooms, a colt coral and a hammer head.

    Thinking about bubble coral, frogspawn and perhaps blasstomussa.

    Are these suitable for begginer corals? Any other suggestions?

    Do they need to be specifically fed or will they just take the leftovers from feeding the fish?


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    Polyps! Zooanthids or Button Polys are a good, easy coral! AND...they come in all kinds of colors!

    Why is it called "cargo" when it goes by ship, and "shipment" when it goes by car?

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    the corals you mentioned are a bit more towards the intermediate level, they are not specifically hard, but require more attention, good lighting, and regular feeding and such.
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    I think at the 6 month mark you could try a BUBBLE [LPS] and FROGSPAWN.
    bubbles like to be fed once in awhile [silver sides,shrimp,krill] but small pieces.
    frogspawn I've never fed and never had to. blastos can be fed but are $$$$ so I'de wait a bit until you get the hang of things.
    p.s, you worked out your VHO issues??

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    Thanks Johnny,

    I just bought new end caps and tried again. So far so good. Never heard a thing from ICECAP.

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