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Thread: tank builders?

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    Question tank builders?

    okay there must be some sorta list out there somewhere so if so could you forward to me.

    I'm looking for any canadian custom tank manufacturers.
    so if you have a list or any suggestions of tank builders let me know.

    thank you

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    Check out or the Marine Aquarium Society Of Barrie. Will, the operator of both builds custom tanks and delivers anywhere in Canada or the US. He's located in Barrie Ontario (GTA)

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    CNC aquariums will make you one.

    They are still re-opening at their new location on Doncaster Ave in Toronto.
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    thanks for the suggestions I'll look into them.
    I had talked to Will about six months ago... then I thought that I found a tank somewhere else but that appears to have fallen through.
    I'll shoot him an email
    anywhere else I should check out?

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    Talk to Derek at Miracles Aquarium in Toronto. They do not have a distributor in NFLD and might sell to you direct. Here is the contact email.

    E-mail Address(es):
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    Hi Pecos,
    I might be heading to Ontario in the near future for a few months...IF I go i'll be back around december 20th ish...and if everything works out that way i'll be picking up a 6X2X2 in montreal. I might just be able to squeeze ya in a tank ....
    keep in mind there's a lot of IF's there atm as there's also a possibility that i'de be heading to Fort Mac and if that's where I go then no tank for either of us =(
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