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Thread: RO/DI water

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    RO/DI water

    I'm thinking of buying an R/O unit, because I'm really tired of driving out all of the time to get water.
    My question is what is the difference between R/O water and Deionized water? Which is better?
    I dont have lots of coral in my tank, just a couple mushrooms. The tank has lots of reef-safe fish in it too.
    What are the advantages of buying an R/O or D/I system? Disadvantages?

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    One coral or ten the required water quality is the same. If I'm not mistaken Ionization is to remove minerals from the water. RO is REQUIRED DI is not as important but IMO you should use the full 5 stage setup so that the water your using is as pure as it can be. That way the only stuff in your water will be the stuff YOU add.

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    I can't agree more with OSD.
    Plus if you add up how much you're spending on 'bottled' water compared to the total cost of a RO/DI unit, the RO/DI unit is much more cost effective.

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    what about distilled water. What is the opinion on that?

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    If you don't mind spending the dollars for distilled water it is AOK

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