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    Question What Brand of Heater do you use?

    After seeing this

    I was wondering what brand of heater everyone uses. I personally use Aquarium Systems Visi-Therm Stealth heaters.

    That thread gave me shivers. Is there anything we can do to prevent failures such as that?


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    I use a Hagan Tronic 200watt heater.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

    220 Gal Mostly SPS Reef, 66 gal sump with refuge, 33 gal refugium, Gen-X Mak-5 Return, 3 x IceCap 250 MH, 2 x 110 VHO, Deltec APF600 Skimmer and a Deltec AP-600, Geo 6-18 Calcium Reactor, 2 x Tunze Stream 6100, Profilux Plus II EX Controller.

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    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

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    Visi-therm 300 watt however I haven't seen it working for awhile. When I get MH lights I guess I am going to be looking for a chilller. I am at a constant 29 with or withour A/C.
    I have a lot of Patients

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    I also have qa fluval too
    it works well and looks as nice as a tronic
    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

    Pics -->

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    I use Ebo heaters.
    Phins Up ^^^^^^^

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    I use Ebo Yager heaters for years. Very reliable and well made.

    I think that EBO now belongs to Eheim
    "The Other" Ivan

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    I have an Ebo at home and a Tronic at work. I saw a failure of the overflow box at a buds that resulted in the sump being pumpted dry. He had a titanium heater that was running dry! We cleaned it up, and he used it for another 18 months until he sold it off when he took the tank down. Its my next purchase for equipment!

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    bad news

    I have a top fin 300W and by the way very sorry for your tank

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    I don't think that was Steph's tank.

    I'm using 2 x 250W visitherm heaters.

    I've had 2 heater failures on my 90G.

    One was my fault, glass heaters shouldn't be run dry.

    The other just mysteriously broke a couple days after I put saltwater in the tank.

    I have an Ebo in my nano, and I don't see much of a difference in performance between the two, however afaik visitherm is the only CSA approved submersable heater.

    I went with them on the 90 'cuz I know how my luck runs & if anyone could burn down thier house with an aquarium....

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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