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Thread: fish stocking

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    fish stocking

    HI I have a friend who is starting up with a 55 gallon and wants to have 4 fish. 1 False percula, 1 flame angel, 1 sailfin tang and 1 bannerfish..Is that ok? He will be doin regular water changes. Is this combination compatible? Thanks

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    All O.K except the sailfin tang. Too big for that tank. Mabey do 3 bannerfish instead as they prefer small groups.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    The sailfin tang is actually only about an 1.5"

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    That tang will out grow that tank in no time....


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    A sailfin can grow to an excess of 1ft in length. Add to that the necessary swimming room and there is no realistic way that a 55g will be enough room long term. Sorry.

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