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    Water change Help


    I have a 90g FOWLER tank that uses a Rena X3 for filtration. I do not have a sump so my water changes are being done inside the tank.

    I know this is not a great setup, but I received alot of bad advice when I first began (guess which LFS) and I had invested alot of money so this is the setup I am stuck with for the time being. My current occupants:

    1 Yellow Tang
    1 Hippo Tang
    1 Flame Angel
    2 Perc clowns
    25 Astrea snail
    8 Blue legged hermit
    1 Cleaner shrimp
    45lbs "Not quite Live" LR

    I don't plan on expanding much more, other than adding another cleaner + 2 blood shrimp, maybe a star...

    Anyways, my problem is water changes. About every 4 weeks I am doing a 15% water change. I keep a 20g tub underneith my tank with premixed water about 2-3 days before the water change, to ensure salt is properly dissolved. Draining the 15% is not a problem, I am doing that by syphon, but to get the new water from the tub into the tank I am pouring in using buckets. This is very messy and not very fun at all...

    I had what I thought was a good idea:

    I added a couple bypass valves to my filter to get the X3 to draw the water from my tub, back into the tank. I would basically close the intake valve from the aquarium, and open the intake valve from the tub. Once the tub was empty, I would reverse the valves again. Didn't work. Because the tub is on the same level as the X3, the X3 could not draw any water from the tub. I also ended up reducing the filtration rate because the added valves restricted water flow.

    I have now removed the valves, and am back to square 1. I think the next best approch is to use a submersable water pump in the tub to pump water back into the aquarium. My question is, how big does this pump need to be? Any recommendations? It has to pump water 6ft up into tank.

    I have attached some illustrations for your reference. Anyone have any alternative ideas? How does the python work for saltwater setups since you cannot attach directly to water tap?

    Base Setup:

    Setup with Shutoff Valve:

    Purposed Setup:

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    You could go with a mag4, that'll be plenty to move the water into the tank.
    In case you're thinking of using a maxi-jet 1200, I've tried a maxi-jet 1200 to push water that high...doesn't work.
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    I use Mag 9 for my sump pump and it works great. Later if you decide to drill your tank the pump is still sufficient.
    90G bb mixed reef set up in April 2005. I had 40g mixed reef for one year before that

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    I do use a mag 9 too and it's perfect!
    180g AGA inwall W/ 2 overflows W/ 205g sump 20g fuge, 77g W/ 30g sump 12g fuge w/mag 9.5 pump.

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    I use a Pro3 power head to mix my saltwater and refill my 90G tank after a partial.

    It'd not the best I admit, but it does work & it does beat the head pressure.

    I would think any powerhead around the same rating (~250 gph) would work for the same.

    You can occasionally find used Pro3 powerheads for $10. Clear vinyl hose from a big box store might be another $10.

    IJO here might even still have a few used Pro3s for sale.

    But, I do plan on getting another small mag pump to speed things along. Have to wait for that extra cash column on my pay stub to have an entry in it...

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I was actually thinking of using the maxjet 1200, I have 3 of them in my tank. I guess I won't anymore.

    I don't think the mag 4 is made anymore, guess I will go with mag 5.

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    seems like lots of money to spend for such a small problem! But like clown_fish said if you ever plan on drilling your tank then its something less you have to buy then. I have a 90g with no sump lots of corals mostly sps and i do 15% water changes every week. Its true it can be messy but if you take your time theres no reason why it should be.

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    oops, I wrote the above message.....he was logged in my computer and didn't log out.

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    jsimpson asked about the python system...

    I use to vacuum my tank and I like it. Yes you are using fresh water down the drain to create suction (Venturi) but I don't turn mine on full... and it works fine!

    To fill it I use a garbage can with my RO and a fountain pump to fill attached to the PYTHON hose. Tetrapond Fountain pump has 22feet of head so it easily goes up one floor (from basement with RO to main floor tanks).
    I have a lot of Patients

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    I use to vacuum my tank and I like it....

    Sorry I didn't proofread...
    I meant
    I use the PYTHON HOSE system to vacuum my tank and I like it
    I have a lot of Patients

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