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    Question pink/purple coraline algea question

    Is there a way to make coraline grow faster?

    I have some spot about the size of a quarter here and there on the back of my tank and some spot on my rock and power head but I feel it is slow to grow is there something we can add to incress these algea???

    light wise I have 2 175W MH 14000K and one VHO actinic on a 55 gallon is this OK...

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    Your tank is only 6months old.....time & patience will make it grow.
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    I know but still...

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    Only bad things happen quickly in this hobby.

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    Coraline likes light, but, not too much light. It doesn't seem to grow much under direct MH lighting.

    It uses Calcium, so your levels have to be replenished.

    If you scrape some off the glass, it will spread to other places.

    It dies almost immediately if exposed to air.
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    You have to keep your Ca & Alk up as cres suggested. I've got a largely purple tank & it's 17 weeks old.

    My rocks are reef bones and base rock (130lbs) and about 15lbs figi from my nano tank. (In the nano tank for over a year).

    I started dripping kalk day one, but at an extremely reduced rate. (1mL / L dripped at 1L / day).

    I'm also convienced that arc MH lights are the best thing for coraline. I've got tonnes of it growning directly under my 250W MH lights.

    The line for my doser broke last week, so I'm having issues manually keeping Ca & Alk where I want it. (Parts should arrive this week) but I typically keep the tank at Ca 420 and AlK ~ 11.

    I'm also using an "odd" photo period. Actinics turn on a 7AM and off at 10pm. (2X110W VHO). The MH Lights come on at 10am and turn off at 6pm.

    I had coraline in two weeks.

    Got me if it's reproducable, but that's what worked for me.

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    Give it a couple more weeks. Once it shows up like you said, the size of a quorter here and there, it will go on the rocks. For some reason, it takes more time to grow on the rocks than glass and plastic. I have 3 tanks and coraline started to really grow only at about 8 months in all 3.

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    I have abourt six colours of coralline. Pink out in the open and on the galss, purple on the rocks and maroon in the darker areas as well as a few other colours in between. I think, to a certain extent, the source of rock and the amount of "live" coralline that you start with on your "live" rock also has something to do with the speed with which it gets established in your tank.

    Like the others have said, once it gets going it normally does well if calcium levels maintained.
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    Very good points by everyone.

    I pointed a power head at rocks with alot of coraline(good for spreading coraline). Scraping it off the glass(or rocks) once in a while.Maintaining calcium. Ive been lucky enough to have a few hitch hicker crabs that eat coraline as the MAIN course of their diet and I believe they helped spread it. Did I say Maintaining calcium.

    IME corraline doesnt grow its best under full MH light.

    Following all of these guide lines as well as good LR to begin with has helped.

    My tank is 6 months old and the back glass is 3/4 covered and I just spent 1.5 hours yesterday cleaning it off one of the sides and the front. Are you sure you want coraline?

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