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    Top off question


    Would it possible to use a slow drip from a freshwater source for topoff?

    I was thinking of having a fresh water source being gravity fed through a small tube with a valve to limit flow slowly drip water to the tank to keep the level up.

    Is this a good idea, or is there a better way?


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    You can do it that way, but you'll likely find your top off requirements are variable and your drip rate isn't.

    i.e. air conditioning in the summer might take a different amount of water out than heating in the winter.

    Anyway a float switch and a small pump are what most people use. I've got 3 of them in my 90G and 1 in my 10G.

    Tang_man makes a good relay so you can plug in a 120V pump to refill your tank.

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    Using float switches with a pump is probably the best way.
    As Krugar mentioned, tangman_montreal sells the auto-topup switches and stuff.

    Another method to use (which I used for 1.5 years until moving to float switches from tangman) is air pressure/gavity. I used a 20g drum with 2 hoses going to the tank. One hose sits just on the water level in the sump. As water evaporates, air is allowed the enter the tube, equalizing the pressure in the drum. Thus it will allow water to pure into the sump from the other host (I used 1/4 hose for this). As the water level rises, it covers the air hose so the flow stops. This kept the water level in my sump to with 1 inch max.
    Drawback is you have to manually fill the container every week or so and you have to make sure the lid is on tight as to not allow air in.
    If you want more info on this type of setup, let me know and I will draw a picture.
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