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    Best stores to visit in Montreal

    We are planning a road trip to the city and wonder if anyone can suggest good stores to visit. We are going to WorldFish but theres got to be more, any suggestions?

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    Well, you already stated WorldFish.
    Le Corail, but it's currently closed.
    Big Als Montreal is great.
    ReefSolution is probably worth a look.
    Octopus is quite good, if you can look passed the dingy store.
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    Sounds like something the wife and I did a few time. Day trip to Montreal. Woohoo! My first suggestion is "Le Corail" in Brossard. Has to be the best of the one I saw there. Another one is that is interesting is Octopus. I don't have the addresses handy, but I think there is a page on this site that gives the addresses. Have a nice field trip and be safe.

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    TM was faster than me on the keyboard! LOLOL But I will second that Big ALs is an excellent choice too. Indeed, the Octopus store looks like its falling appart but last time I was there they a great selection of fresh and saltwater fishes. They even had 3 lionfish in quarantine in the back. Tho I don't remember locating/finding ReefSolutions. I'll have to find that one next time we have a field trip to Montreal.


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    I agree with the dirty look of Aquarium Octopus, but I bought from John before and never had a problem with his livestock. They are located on Papineau. Haven't been for years though, ever since Marinescape and Ivan opened up.


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    Like Tang M mentioned WorldFish is well worth it ,Big Als in Point Claire which is supposed to have some nice orders of fish and corals coming in soon,Le Corail if he is open is most definetly worth the stop.
    all these stores can be found in Aquaria`s LFS listing.


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    le corail wont be open till the end of october, i talked to the owner yesterday, and worldfish is excellent and i will strongly suggest aqua-tropicale five minutes from worldfish, excellent service, great price and there livestock is in great shape, it is on tashereau blvd, next to LOVERS!!!

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    Nature which is right near Big Al's ( the exit before which is called Boul. St. Jean), is also good.., especially since they've opened the new store.
    ReefSolution is in Laval.

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    Well big al's west island / montreal has just got some maxima baby clams really nice
    675 Gallon Aquarium in the works

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    Yes, the Nature store in the west-island is the best one in the chain IMO... however I find that they are quite expensive in comparison to all the other stores listed.

    Another one that deserves a mention is Aquatropicale on Ferrier. There used to be a time where I wouldn't buy a thing from there, but lately things seem to be changing. If possible, it's usually best to go there on the day they receive their orders in order to get best selection...
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