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    what one

    hey i am new to this site and i am just wonding what type of tank shoul istart off with. Me and my uncle are goin to be building probally a 90gallon tank for my room and i was wonderin if i should go with fresh water to start me off or should i go with salt water. any feed back would help me out thanks

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    Salt, I've had both and Marine in simply more interesting.
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    I think almost everyone here would recommend that you go with salt as it is our hobby. The truth of the matter is that it cost alot of money to build and maintain a salt water tank. Investments in this hobby can range from $200- $20,000. Believe me there are members on this board that have invested more.

    Look around the gallerys and see what you like. If you decide to go with a salt water tank than start asking some more specific questions. I think you will find that people are only too ready to help someone out who is just starting in the hobby.

    Lastly, if you live in Ontario, start checking out the classified sections of this board and on You will be able to get started for half or less than the cost of full retail.

    Good Luck
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    i started with freshwater and did not take long before switching to saltwater hehe. Its more challenging but its worth to try IMO

    You can still have a very nice tank with FW, but nothing beat the beauty of a stable saltwater tank!

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    Go with salt water......of course, my opinion is biased.
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    if you start with fresh water make sure everything you buy is saltwater safe for when you do the change over. I do however thing that once you go salt ... you never go back.... so start with salt because that's where you will want to be in the end. 90 gallons is a good starting size by the way.

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    thanks alot guy i really apperatice it i think i will go with salt water casue i have been lookin at images on the net and they just look alot nice and my uncle also has salt water so he could help me to wheni need help thanks a lot again and if i have question i will ask here

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