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    Toadstool not opening

    I've had a toadstool leather in my tank for a few weeks. It has always opened up during the day and only somtimes closes up. Well for the past two days I have not seen it open fully. Most of the time it is completely closed and the rest of the time only partially open. I have other corals in the tank and they are all fine. I have a pulsing Xenia that is perfectly happy, a candy, mushrooms and some zoos that are all doing more than well. My clownfish and cleanup crew are also not showing any signs of stress. I did a water change in the middle of last week. The only thing that has changed in the system is that I added a protein skimmer. I haven't tested PH since adding the skimmer but my only thought is that the addition of the skimmer has changed my PH due to the introduced air. The rest of my params all check out. 0 amonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate. Calc and alk are good too. Any ideas?


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    Mine don't open all the time either. I think they run through phases. It'll take days sometimes when hermits/cleaner shrimp decide to walk all over them during the night.

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    Thanks ... I'll keep an eye on it. Hope the drywalling goes smooth today

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    Do you talk to your toadstool? That could make all the difference.

    Seriously, I have 3 in my tank and they do the same thing. Sometimes they don't open. Most likely just normal.
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    Most leathers do that sometimes... it might be "molting". Check and see if the corner of the head on it is starting to peel just a little. If it is, very gently help it shed its skin with tweezers, and it should be fine in a week or less.

    ..Although I think Pat might be on to something.

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    Great thanks for the responses ... less worried now

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