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Thread: My first loss

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    My first loss

    Hi all,

    My male clown fish (A. ocellaris) didn't wake up this morning. I think my 7 year old was the most tramatised, she names all the fish & "Freddy" had been with us for about 18 months.

    The last 2 weeks have been rough on the tank, with the in-wall flood above the tank and the repair work going on I suspect this was just too much for the little guy.

    I covered the tank with an 8' x 12' plastic drop sheet while working on the ceiling the day before he died, so I don't think a lot of dry wall dust got into the system, but still that crap gets everywhere.

    I'm noticing one of my acros has started bleaching since as well, I'm keeping an eye on it.

    In addition to carbon, I'm running some Kent phosphate spounge. (I'll be taking it out later tonight). Never used this stuff before so I followed the directions, rinsed in RO water and socked it near the 1.5" drain pipe from my display. Hopefully this didn't cause a problem, I was planning on doing this about once a month & this stuff is also supposed to help with silicates, which I thought would be in any drywall dust, should it get into the tank.

    Freddy was always pretty small, I was never sure if it was because he was the male, or if he was unusally small. I'd say he was just over half the size of the female.

    He also had a "blunted" face for lack of a better description. It kinda looked like somebody cut his nose off and his face was just flat.

    In the nano tank both fish ate like little pigs. In the 90G I've always wondered if he was getting enough to eat. He never took to the bigger tank as easily as the female did.

    The female I've seen at every feeding, the male would only come out from time to time. Since he was otherwise generally active and not showing any other signs of stress I figured he must be munching on the ample pod supply I've got.

    Perhaps not.

    Saturday I noticed he was acting very lethargic. I figured I'd keep my eye on it & see if he was having an off day or there was something wrong. Sunday I was up to my eyeballs repairing the ceiling.

    Today he was dead.

    I'm waiting on replacement hoses for my dosing pump, so my alk & Ca aren't as stable as I'd like. (manually dosing right now, hoses should have arrived last Friday).

    Otherwise the tank parameters are stable. Temp is usually 78.5F, it occassionally hits 80.5 if it gets too hot outside and the AC can't keep up. No detectable Ammonia or Nitrites, less than 5ppm Nitrates. (The clam suckes these up pretty fast).

    My other fish are showing no signs of stress, however something's been nipping my yellow tangs tail. I've yet to catch anyone in the act, but from the size it would have to be the hippo tang. I don't thing the cardinals are agressive.

    So while I doubt I'll get to the bottom on what went wrong, I do want a male & female clown fish in the tank.

    I plan to wait a couple weeks for the tank to settle down from all the work I've had to do around it, but I'm looking for ideas on how to introduce new clown fish too the 90G.

    Currently in the tank (90G):
    1 copper banded butterfly
    1 yellow tang
    1 hippo tang
    2 PJ cardinals
    1 female ocellaris (~ 18months old)
    1 lawnmower blenny
    1 emerald crab
    1 porcelain crab
    2 skunk cleaners
    1 fire shrimp
    ever reproducing tiger cucumbers. I starded with 3.
    1 Sand shifting star fish
    lots of assorted snails and about 7 blue hermits.
    Oh and more stomealla snails than I could count. Anyone want a stomealla? They're born pregnent.


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    Sorry to hear about the loss
    sometimes these things happen

    Putting a new clown is really tough, especially since you have an existing female who already has a territory, and will be larger then then one you put in. (which will make it hard)
    if you still had the nano running i'd put the female in there with the new clown so they have equal chance to get territory (no home court advantage), then put them back in the 90.
    clowns are cute but they are quite agressive toward each other
    mine chases my hand when i clean the class, his anemone is on the other side of the tank.
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    Ugh catching that fish in the 90G will prove difficult unless I strip out the live rock.

    Has anyone tried introducing a few juvies at a time? Don't juvies stay submissive? I haven't looked into this but I was thinking if I get 2 or 3 juvies, one would become male and the other 2 wouldn't develop sexually.

    Or would that amount to a death sentence for the smallest two?

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Adding one small one should prove the safest.

    If it is small, it won't try to dominate the larger female. She will likely put the small one in it's place for a while (and this could prove fatal, but, it is nature at work).
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    Just add another smaller one to your tank and it should be fine. I did that when my smaller male dived for carpet overnight. There was no fighting whatsoever, they just paired up the next day. And make sure you quaranteen the fish before introduce it to your display.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I added a tiny little fella and they took to each other immediately. Things don't always have an explanation and if everyone else is doing fine then IMO it's just one of those things

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    Too bad...

    i recently had to move my small saddle back clown out of my tank and put him in my sump for a while, female was kickin its butt, they were almost the same size. I fed the female lots durring this time and she got WAY bigger than the male. This proves to be a good thing as now the female tolerates the small male alot more(not to mention hes more submisive) she even lets him hang out in the anemone She is quite the hoard at meal time, she seems to hate it if the male tries to eat, he sneaks a few bites in there, hopefully he gets to eat enough. Id agree with every one that a bigger difference in size will probably be a good thing...HTH

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    Three years ago, I set up my first SW tank. A 23 gal. I started with two percs, "Nemo & Bob", that were just about the same size. I moved the tank about three weeks after adding the fish and I lost Bob, the one that apeared to be turning Female. I imediatly introdused another of the same size. She became "Norma" wife to "Little Nemo". For just over Two years, all was well. "Norma" was about 1 1/2 time bigger then "Nemo" Suddenly, she died with no real explenation. The LFS never had Percs in for about three months after that, and then the ones he did get were tiny. I was afraid to put the tiny ones in the tank cause of my Tube Anemonies. Anyway, about 5 months after "Norma" passed on, The LFS finally got some good size perc so I bought one about the same size as "Nemo". Well, the poor guy had a rough first night between "Nemo" and the Tube Anemonies! The next day I Decided to get a couple more to see if maybe "Nemo" would ease up and sort of spread out his (or probably her by now) agression. No luck. Three days later all three percs were dead

    So now I have "Little Nemo" all by himself, and a Big Ass Maroon named "Butch" who I'm going to try to pair up instead!

    This is just my story. I think the trick is to introduce a new clown right away, and try to get one a bit smaller but not to much smaller. You got a big tank so he should have lots of room to hide for th first few days.

    Best of Luck!

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