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Thread: Bad powerhead

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    Bad powerhead

    I had upgrade my set up recently by adding a sump and a skimmer. Since my tank is not drilled I have to use an overflow system which is fine.

    Yesterday, I was working as usual and thinking of my new set-up (I think i'm always thinking of my tank even when I sleep) suddenly my girlfriend call me in panic saying that something was leaking from the tank and the floor was all wet with an inch 1/2 of water.

    I think I never run that fast (driving too) before. I live on the second floor and I was very mad because I didn't want the water to fall downstair and loose the privilege to host a tank.

    Finally home, I discovered that the tank itself was okay but my sump only had 1/3 left in it (35g). Good thing is that the level was still enough high for the pump not to jam. So I said to my GF ''I guess I was due to do a water change''

    I sat back for a minute and discovered the problem. The tube (plastic) going from my overflow to my powerhead inside the tank had loose up and disconnect. It appears that the little hole on top of the powerhead was block by I don't know what and then whent up the glass to fall apart. Good thing is that the little wire was not bigger than my little finger and also the fact that my GF (who was not supposed to be there) came back earlier yesterday morning.If not I think the all the water would have been on the floor.

    My big question is : If I clear up the powerhead would it do that again? Should I buy another one?

    I'm a bit concern. What a lovely monday it was.



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    How does the hose normally connect? If it's only pressure fitted you might try a nylon cable tie over top of the hose to act as a clamp.

    But if it came off before, it's likely to come off again, unless you do something different. IMHO anyway.

    I had the hose from my Mag7 -> skimmer pop off shortly after set up. Turned my sump into a fountain for me & cost me a bit in electronics.

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    Maybe I'm reading wrong here but... You have a powerhead connected to your overflow?????
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    Yes it is pressure fitted. Thanks for the tip.

    But what would have come out like that and jam that little hole?


    180g AGA inwall W/ 2 overflows W/ 205g sump 20g fuge, 77g W/ 30g sump 12g fuge w/mag 9.5 pump.

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    I suspect that the little intake hole on the power head was plugged after the hose came off. Otherwise whatever was causing the blockage would have had to get into the overfow, flow out of it down to the power head. This likely wouldn't have caused the hose to pop off (it would have increased the suction, not built up pressure). Tying or glueing it in place will help.

    You should consider creating a little circuit to shut off the return pump if the syphon breaks. You would use a float switch to control the pump. If the water gets too high, the pump shuts off.

    Given the way it failed this time, the circuit wouldn't have helped, but, if the hose came off the top of the u-tube, you would have had more water on the floor and none in your sump.
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