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    Exclamation need advice on substrate??

    ok im moving into my new house and I am combining two 55 gal. One is the display tank in the walls between the kitchen and family room and the other is going to be underneath as a sump. But my question iswhat substrate should i use???
    Currently i have both tanks setup but one has absoultly nothiong in it except a few pieces of liverock which isnt alive and very fine sand (argonite). My main tank which is at the folks house has all my fish /anemones and a few unidentified things which grew of the rock with more course argonite . Like pebbles almose with crushed up shells and stuff.
    I was planning on making a phlenum in my sump when i don combine the tanks. Is this a good idea. I have 8 fish so not much bioload. I am also waiting on new lights and goingt o get into more soft corals. but the real sandy sand i find you cannot direct the powerheads at it or it clouds the whole tank and goes everywhere. Do i need to do this? Can i keep the course argonate in the display tank and use the fine stuff in the sump for a phlenm????
    i dont knbow what to do need advice soon please . MOving the tanks withing the next 2 weeks. thankks for you time,.

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    Use something that is a bot coarser than the fine aragonite. Or, have you thought about making a fake sandbed as many others have done?

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