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    Total Amount of Live rock?

    Hello Guys,

    I would need you expert advice on a small question.

    I was explaining to my wife the new setup I want and she asked me how much live rock I needed. I was not able to answer the question because of one small detail I am not sure.

    I know it should be 1-1.75 lbs per gallon of water...but is this Total water (Including sump and Fuge) or just display tank water volume?

    thanks for the info.


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    honestly it really depends on what type of system you want and how much swimming space. you could/should use as much base rock as possible and put your live rock on top of that. this helps the pocket book and the reefs in the ocean. how big of a tank also matters.
    I just buy 50lbs at a time until my tank looks like I want it to. I also put some in the sump.

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    I agree with Johnny Rock. It would be ideal to have 1 or 1.5 lb per gal but it is personal choice. I have seen tanks with lots of rocks but I like to see more inhabitants than rock. I guess you could load your sump if you wanted to.
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    Just to add to the above, consider using reef bones in the mix. It's basically dead live rock, but it's way cheaper than a box of live rock & looks better than base rock.

    In my 90G I put 50lbs base rock, 80lbs reef bones, and another 15lbs live rock. I could see worms, pods, and star fish on the reef bones before my first cycle completed and all the rock has been purple with coraline for a while now. (tank is about 19 weeks old).

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