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Thread: Water Clarity

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    Water Clarity

    I've noticed lately that my tank's water isn't as clear as other marine tanks I've been privy to. Currently, I'm running a Fluval 2 & an AquaClear filter. The tank is a 32 G fish-only set up. Would Carbon help to clear up the water? Is a protein skimmer an absolute must for marine systems?

    Thanks to all...

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    It is my opinion that a protein skimmer is an absolute must for a marine system. Some will disagree.

    Running carbon definately improves water clarity and should be a consideration as well.
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    A skimmer will help, but i wouldn't say it is a must. i would only say it is a must for some corals. a nice thing about a skimmer is it will add that little bit more water to your system.
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    in all technicallity speaking... running a protein skimmer will help water clear up a bit, and increase the bioload in the tank...

    unless ur running an industrial sized Protein Skimmer... i don't think a litre or two is doing much...

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    The best and most economical way to clear up your water is to run a polishing filter on the tank once a week or so. you need not buy a diatom for this job. Hagen makes water polishing filters that will fit right on the bottom of most hagen power heads and they work very well. They can likely be modified if necessary to fit onto the bottom of non hagen power heads. They are convenient to use, do a great job and pretty cheap.
    Running carbon and or a skimmer is also helpful for ongoing water quality control.

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    Skimmers are nice to have but not necessary in a fish only tank. Run carbon and you should see the water clear up that yellowish tint. IME


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