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Thread: Tank Cleaners

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    Tank Cleaners

    I was wondering what your opinions were on tank cleaners like crabs and snails. I have some green and brown algae builing up on the glass, and scrub it every day. I also see brown stuff on the rocks and sand. I've tried several different types of snails and crabs, but none seem to do my tank justice. What are the best algae cleaners? How many cleaners should I get for a 55gal tank with about 50 pounds of live rock? Thanks

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    I think your best choice is a couple of astrea ,some blue leg hermit crab,and one or 2 hemerald crab
    140g tank,over flow box (external)
    deltec ap 600
    3 koralia 4
    2 mh 175,10000k xm
    2 actinic vho
    heater 400w titanium
    70 pounds on live rock,fidj
    75 g sump
    mag 12 connecte on wavy sea as water return
    Wavy sea that i won on AC:b16:

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    The rule of thumb, is one hermit crab or snail per gallon. So you need about 55 of them.

    I have a 55 gallon and generally keep:

    ~25 hermits (blue legs and left handed)
    ~20 Atrea snails
    ~10 Turbo snails

    In addition, I also have one tuxedo urchin, a brittle star, one emerald crab, 4 or 5 Olive snails in the sand bed and a couple of tigertail cucumbers.

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    How old is your tank? You might just be in the "algae" stage of your cycle. If your tank is still fairly young it is normal to have algae like this. It will eventually subside. In my 10G I have 10 hermits, 5 astrea snails, 8 nasarius snails and 4 cerith snails. Also have an emerald crab. The key is variety

    Good luck


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