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    Question What else can I have in this tank?

    I was just talking to a few people regarding what else I could put in this tank. I would like to put some coral in the tank, but I do not know what can survive with the lighting that I have. I have on 2 SEIO 620 powerheads coming so I will have lots of water movement in the tank. Could you please let me know what my tank will support. I have 2 Power Glo bulbs (40w) and 2 Marine Glo bulbs (40w) going right now, but I have 2 Phillips Actinics on the way which are also 40w that will be going in as soon as they get here.


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    I am not sure about the wrasse you have, however, the Chocolate Chip starfish will eat any coral it can sit on. I had one in a FOWLR tank and I threw in some Button Polyps, xenia and a mushroom. He ate them all within a week. You will ahve to give it away if you want any corals. I think the lighting will support most softies and even a few LPS. Colts, button polyps placed up high, leathers, and most mushrooms. LPS such as Lobos and mabey candy cane or trumpet coral placed up high. Encrusting corals like star polyps will also do well.

    You will have to check the profiles of the fish you have as I am not familiar with the wrasse or the puffer.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    Yeah, I never thought of that, thanks so much, that could have been costly.

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    I would also suggest to add more cleaner crew.
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    What Hommer has a brain :biglaugh2
    I use NO lighting also. 2x40w 6500k and 2x40w actinic 03.
    The only coral I have under those lights are shrooms, zoos and gsp all doing well. Some on the bottom and some closer to the top.

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    I was going to add more crew today maybe. Also thanks for the help with the coral, but it sounds like I need to get rid of my starfish first.

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    You can have a load of cool cleanup crew, emerals crabs are really sweet, you can see where they've been from the scrapings on your rock, really neat!
    I got a strawberry conch a few weeks back and it is really fun to watch.
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