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    I made the critical error of bringing my better half to the LFS and she had the chance to see how much some of my future fish are going to cost. I believe the exact quote was "79 bucks for a yellow fish (the Tang) that you can't even eat!"
    Hahahahahhaha...yep.....You can get that fish online for about 25 bucks.Much cheaper buying online than buying from the LFS.
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    thanks Gail , I'm planning on jumping in on some of the orders soon.

    I haven't even priced them out yet but as I've already noticed in some of my previous purchases, nothing in this hobby is cheap. hahahah

    I usually deal with Aqua Creations in Halifax and they've been really good for info. The better news is now I've found this site so information is sooooooooooo much easier to get.

    Is there a favourite mail order out there for everyone here?

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    the mail order is cheaper per item, but usually you have to buy a lot at once (to save on the shipping which can be very expensive otherwise and eat away at your savings).
    If you want to buy in small bites, then although the LFS may be more expensive, at least you can buy one at a time.
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    Keep watching for trades and such to get fish. it's amazing how many people in this little reef community swap and exchange things. You'll get to see where your best buys are and don't be a sucker for low dollar amounts. You get what you pay for. If I lived in Ottawa, I'd deal with IJO. Reputation means everything and he has a good one. Down here in Southern Ontario I am lucky to have several good people around. Now I seem to do most of my buying and trading on the bulletin boards. If you wait, shop and keep your eyes open, there are a ton of deals out there.
    Best of luck.

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