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    Purple Ribbon Gorgonian

    I just came back from the aquarium place with a small purple ribbon gorgonia. The guy at the store told me that it doesn't like light at all, but I've heard other places that this particular gorgonian requires medium light. Does anybody know the answer to this question? Thanks for the help.

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    it likes light as its photosynthetic. It doesn't need to be blasted right underneath metal halides but does well mid tank and/or off to the sides of halides.

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    Do you have a picture? Names are sometimes misleading especially when they have been given by LFS.

    What color are the polyps? If the rod is purple and the polyps light brown, then it is mostly photosynthetic and will survive in a good tank. It will also filter feed but will get most of its food from the algaes because of the light.

    If the polyps are colorful ( yellow, blue, etc. ), chances are it is a filter feeder and will die in your tank after less than 6 months. No matter what you feed it.

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    This is a purple ribbon gorgonian, AKA (Pterogorgia sp.) I haven't seen the polyps yet, but I'm told that they are white or grey. I'll see if I can get a good picture of it. Thanks for the comments

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