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    Peppermint Shrimp Changin Color?

    I got home today and noticed my peppermind shrimp had completely lost its color. It was like a white, or clear color. It was weird. Then it takes a dump, and his color comes back. Did that just happen? Is it possible it was constipated and lost its color because of that, or was that just a coincidence. Either way it was kind of weird and funny.

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    mine tured like that when i brought it home from the lfs. i thought it had somthin to do with stress

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    unfortunately i have no idea why that is but i thought i would just let you know that is the funniest thing ive ever heard!

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    "when a peppermint shrimp is in the processes of expulsion, it will adapt its colours to fade, making it less visible to potential mates, this allows the shrimp to concentrate on expulsion of waste, without having to deal with the embarrasment of fellow shrimps"

    - Dr. Adam Slaters (Phd. Marine Biology, specializing in coralline chemical havestaton)

    taken from American Scientific Quarterly, April 2004.


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    I can't believe that you found that for one, and two I wish I could do that, then who would need a bathroom! j/k

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