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Thread: Angel Formula

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    Angel Formula

    I've recently been feeding mish fish with angel formula frozen fish food, along with other foods. I only have one angel, and I want her to eat angel formula, but the other fish get some of it too. Is this bad? Will the other (non-angels) fish benefit from eating the angel formula or will it hurt them? I also feed frozen brine, and formula one flake food. Thanks

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    No it's not going to hurt your other fish. I have no angels and I feed it to my fish.
    I feed 4-5 different foods each one a different day, some days it's just flakes.

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    The Angel formula is just as good for other fish as it is for angels. That formula just has more sponge mixed in it that angels require in their diets.
    I feed a LARGE assortment of foods as well, close to 12 different foods that I interchange nightly, Angel formula being one of them.

    I will go to say that brine shrimp is not very healthy though, and should only be used to coax finicky fish into eating other foods mixed with it. I would suggest trying mysis shrimp in place of the brine you're feeding now. I feed mysis nightly, mixed with one of the other foods. It's part of their staple diet.
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    Yeah, I was thinking of switching to mysis shrimp. Thanks for the advice.

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    any of those "formulas" is really just guideline sake... i mean, brineshrimp is salt water but we feed it to fresh water fish too right?

    think of it this way...

    chinese food, not just for chinese!

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