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    What type of caribsea substrate should I use?

    Hey Guys,

    Starting a new tank. It is 29 gallons with a 20 gallon sump. Everything is ready, I just need to decide on substrate and how much of it.

    What kind would you use, aragamax (sugar sized), aragonite (coarser stuff), etc? How deep should I make the substrate base?

    Please let me know ASAP what your suggestions are.

    I have a coralife skimmer, a mag 5 return pump, and planning a HOB refugium.


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    aragonite, 3inches i say

    i don't like the substrate too fine unless its in refugium
    if u plan on adding a fuge, get like a 15tall and add like 6 inch of aragomax to create a anaerobic zone, i dunno if 6 is enough, or even too much...

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    im pretty new to this but isnt it a pound per gallon. i use argonite and looks awesome from the get go

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    With a Mag 5 as a return pump I would use a course sand. All you would be able to see in there if you use fine sand would be a sand storm. Not to mention how pissed off the fish and corals would be at you!!!!! Just a thought!!
    Mike Philpott

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    they also say 1inch/gallon of water, or 1inch/5gallon for saltwater

    but did they bother to tell u american gallons or imperial gallons!?

    or do we bother obeying these rules? lol

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