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    Mechanical filtration system?

    Just wondering if you have some sort of mechanical filtration system (other than a skimmer and/or refugium)/ And what would it be?


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    I dont have any mechanical filtration...
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    Mechanical filtration is not a bad idea as long as it is easy to access ans simple because if you go with Mechanical filtration you MUST clean that material EVERY DAY without Fail or it will become a nitrate factory.

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    I use a 400gph powerhead in my 25g tank, a skimmer with 200gph pump and an aquaclear 200 mechanical filter. I am presently using it to run phosphate, but had carbon in it before. And I've run it empty just for circulation. I never use a sponge in it for the reaon Salty Dog mentions, sponges hold nitrates. Some people use canister filters for the same reason.
    I've seen some nano tanks that modify ac500 filters for use as refugiums by gluing a baffle to make a separate comartment for macro-algae, they clip a light over it and voila!
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    No mechanical filtration here.

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    No mechinical filtration on my tanks either.
    Skimmer, refuge and liverock.

    One of those days I might even get the Ca reactor setup.
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    Ive been following this thread along, and thank you for the information. I hadnt realized that the sponge type filters would become nitrate traps if not cleaned everyday. I had been using one in a hang on Aquaclear 200, as well as in a filter that was attached to the bottom of a power head. I have since removed them, and I'll rely on the skimmer and live rock to take care of the filtration for me.

    I still have a foam cover over the intake for the powerhead on my skimmer (Seaclone 100), should this be removed aswell?

    Sorry to hi-jack the thread...

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    I have a Biolife filter that hangs in the also hosts the heater and a power head. I clean the filters (not everyday, only once a week), but I do change the filters completely every two to three weeks. I have been keeping an eye on the nitrates and they haven't fluctuated one bit! Now that could be because the bioload only consists of clean-up crew and two percs, I don't know. I also do water changes every two to three weeks. The tank, a 35g FOWLR, has been running since the first week of September. (I would love to switch to a skimmer and refugium but am waiting for the ok from my husband)!

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    i have been hearing that sponges on my overflows and in my sump are causing my green hair algae ...people say they are nitrate traps....
    i run a sump with about a 5 gallon pail full of bio balls ..
    could this be my problem????? so my question is why do the manufacture put them there???
    should i remove all my sponges and bio balls???

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    I have also been runing a Biolife filter and an Eiheim canister filter for a few years now without any problems, but I have always kept a very small bioload (FOWLR) and regular water changes and cleaning of foam filters. Not every week but more like once a month.

    I am now upgrading to a sump skimmer (I now have) and refuge so I can get rid of the biolife and all the rest and go towards more of a reef tank.
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