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Thread: Crooked Damsel

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    Crooked Damsel

    I was watching my fish earlier on this afternoon when I noticed that my yellowtail damsel is on a bit of an angle. When you look at him dead on (and he's looking back at you), his body is tilted towards the left - just shy of 20 degrees. He's still swimming about surprisingly well (from the side you can't tell anything is amiss) & eating. He's an old man - seven years old at least. Has anyone else seen anything like this before?

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    Are you positively sure that you are level.
    might not be the fish :biggrinbo
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    what...!? how do u know how old the damsel is??

    jeff's right.. maybe ur not level lol... :biglaugh2

    if theres and another source of light when the main is off that'll cause fish to tilt, do u have ur blinds open during the day?

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    Yes, I'm quite level, thank you... and the little fellow remains off kilter this morning.

    A friend had him in his tank prior to mine, hence why I can approximate his age.

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