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    Snails...which ones!

    So far, in my 35g, I have 2 turbo's and 2 star snails (I think), and 1 strawberry conch. I need to add more to do a better job cleaning the glass. Any suggestions?

    (I also have 2 red legged crabs, 2 blue legged crabs, 1 decorator crab, and 1 hitchiker crab that I am hoping is a rock crab I still haven't been able to id him for sure.)

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    Astrea snails are good glass/rock cleaners. Also cerith snails will clean the rim of the glass. You know that anoying part of the glass your magfloat won't get. I also have nassarius snails but they're more for stirring up the sandbed and eating food that falls to the bottom. For the glass cleaning I'd say Astrea is your best bet.

    Good luck,


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    Margarite snails I find are good for the glass... Otherwise I like astrea snails for the rock.. You should probably have a few more to clean up your rock work as well, JMO.

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    Snails....which ones

    For a 35 gallon tank, you should have a snail population of (1-2 snails per gallon) 50 snails. I'd recommend getting about 10-15 each of Astrea, Cerith, Margarita and Nassarius. The Astreas are good at cleaning glass and turf algae, the Ceriths are good for diatom and detritus, the Margaritas are for turf algae and rock. The Nassarius are great at sand stirring and detritus. Each snail should sell for about $2

    You should also consider increasing your crab complement to about 1 crab per gallon. I'd recommend the blue-legged hermit, cheap at about $1.50 each.

    Hope that helps.... :wink5:
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    in my 33 i have

    9 scarlet leg hermits
    9 blue legs
    2 trochus
    1 cirith
    emerald crab
    peppermint shrimp
    1 cleaner shrimp
    33g tank
    60 pounds of lr
    1 clown
    1 black harbour goby

    75g in the works

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    Thanx for the advice! I will definitely increase the amount of my clean-up crew. I was just doing it little by little. I still have to convince my husband that I really DO NEED that many critters in such a small tank! LOL! hyeah:

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    I don't mind scraping the glass, i find the snails miss spots and it becomes patchy. (although i sometimes miss spots too with the scraper)

    I usually pick them off the glass and put them on the rock
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    I personally like the Trochus snail but also have some of just about all the different types mentionned in previous posts.

    For a nice description of the many types of snails that you can add to your tank see the following:

    Have fun.


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    for a tank that size, with an ideal life (ie, no money restraints)
    i would get the following as a clean up crew

    20 astrea snails
    20 Cerith/narssarius snails
    10 blue legged hermits
    5 emerald crabs
    2 serpent stars

    yea.. that'd be sweet

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    Today I purchased 5 baby blue legged crabs, 6 astrea snails and 5 cerith. I also bought a royal gramma! Next week I will pick up more snails. (I also have a cleaner shrimp, two red scarlet crabs, a decorator crab and a red star fish. So the crew is coming together slowly!)

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