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Thread: live plants

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    live plants

    does anyone use live plants in their display tank? Would these help in reducing nitrates and phosphates? Any down side?


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    In Freshwater aquariums Plants Are Great for removing waste and other unwanted pollutants.

    In salt water plants die. (there are a Few exceptions)

    If you are referring to Macro algae, then yes it is benificial in removing excess nutirents
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    algae are plants dude :wink5:

    anyway i tried having some in my display but usually my tang eats it all before it establishes, i had some that established once, and it looked good, then my tang ate it all again...

    so, if u want macro in ur tank, remove ur tang for a few months.

    also have to watch out if u plant caulerpa that the corals don't get suffocated by them.

    red macro algae are usually pretty good, look nice too

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    I don't have tangs and I have a number of different green macroalgae in my 40. Here's my Halimeda corner.

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    Where is everyone getting their macro algae? I've set up a fuge but for the life of me, I can't seem to find any place that sells it.Do you have to special order it?

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    GKILLA. I could sell you some of mine. $10 big handfull.
    chaetto. [spagetti] pm me.

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    It seems that I have been the source of caulerpa, chaeto and a bit of halimeda here at the west end of the city over the past few months. Will trade macro for just about anything is my moto :biggrinbo

    Ivan has chaeto in stock quite often for those who are closer to Aylmer.

    Marinescape also has macro in from time to time but not something that they stock per se.

    As far as other LFSs, it appears to be pretty much hit and miss as far as macro is concerned. BA Kanata advertised "shaving brush" macro algae this weekend. They had only two shaving brushes so if you problably missed it and not what you would put in a refugium anyway.


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    Ivan here has a supply of macro.
    Marinescape also has some from time to time.

    But, for the most part, you get macro algae from fellow reefers.

    And, growing macro in your display is difficult because a lot of the clean up crew will, uh, clean it up. Then it becomes a form of nutient import, a reverse of the desired effect.
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    Are you finding your crew eats Chateo? My tangs will nibble on it but they don't really like it, the snails could care less, and the emerald crab doesn't bother it enough to be a problem.

    Maybe I'm just lucky?

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    Algae aren't plants , they are algae lol my botany professor would bite the head off of anyone that referred to algae as plants they were classified together at one point but most of them fail to meet some of the criteria needed to be called plants so they have their own group now
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