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Thread: Resin ornaments

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    Resin ornaments

    I have a sunken ship in my sw display tank that was supposed to be OK for fresh or salt. It looks like the paint is either dissolving or flaking off in places. Will this harm the fish? Should I pull it out? My wife likes it and it has quite a bit of corraline growth on it. Everyone seems happy right now but I don't want to poison the system...

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    If it were me and the paint was coming off, I would remove it.
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    If it is fresh or marine safe, the paint should be inert (or at least harmless). The paint flakes might become an eyesore or clog some intake.

    I would remove any paint chips you can find and if it simply wants to shed all it's paint, I would consider removing and repainting it with something more sturdy.
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