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    Increasing Flow rate

    I've just recieved a Seio M1500 I plan to mount on the left of my 90G.

    The tank uses a MAG12 return from the sump to a OM Squirt. I'm guessing with head loss that I've only got about 700 gph in the tank right now (buggered up my initial calculations). So needless to say that ain't enough for a 90g sps tank.

    The M1500 is rated at 1500 gph, which will put the tank ~ 2200 gph. Is that too much?

    Should I put the SEIO on a timer & shut it on / off with my actinics giving the fish a night time rest, or should it just be on 7/24?

    Will I still have a random flow pattern with this set up (from the OM Squirt)?

    Is there an aclimation period for the coral? Should I run it at a reduced time period for a while?

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    24 X turnover is not too high, depending on your coral and rockwork. It is definitely at the high end for softies.

    Does the Seio M1500 have the ability to reduce flow? If so, you might want to start it at minimum and ramp it up, watching things as you go.

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    Yes the Seios can be reduced and I would do like Cres said... look and see... I have a LOT of water movement in my softies tank and they just seem to love it!
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