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Thread: Shark feeding

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    Shark feeding

    Hey guys/gals,

    Does anyone on the forum goto the shark feeding on Tuesday evenings
    at the Big Al's in Kanata? I'm thinking about goign tonight for the first time.


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    We've been to the one on the east side, it's preety cool if you've never seen it before.

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    I went once, bit of an anticlimax as the bigger shark did not eat. Basically they keep you away from the tank and throw in pieces of fish. Unfortunately no feeding frenzy like on the discovery channel. :sad4:

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    Not much to see, they float a piece of dead fish, then the shark comes up and grabs it. The shark does move more during this time compared to how he normaly is.

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    The one in Kitchener was a little more exciting. They used a feeding tong to get the shark to rip chunks off. The grouper was lightning fast and even the 3ft moray came out of the rock work for some. It was cool but only lasted 5 - 10min tops.

    Oh my that's expensive :canadian: oof:

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    I went a few times to the ottawa east location. It's not what you see on TV but it's still pretty cool to see. When I went they didn't have all those fake corals and bubble maker in there ... looked more natural. Also after the shark was done eating I was able to see a bunch of cleaner shrimp picking at bits on the bottom ... pretty cool as well. Dunno if they still have the shrimp in there.

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    Well I'll find out tonight when I go and see it. If anything I can say I saw it.
    Plus I think I will pick my tank up tonight there. I bought a OVAS membership so I get 15% off, so no tax basically.


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