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Thread: green coraline

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    green coraline

    back now with another situation. My new setup has been running trouble free since September 05. It was started with all the live rock and sandbed from my old tank and just built on from there. There wasn't really an evident cycle. Used all natural sea water thet was ran through a U.V for a few days before hand to get any nasties out. I still use the NSW for water changes but now heat and use the U.V. Also only using RO/DI water for top up with seachem KALK. Tested alk and calcium today and both are in check. Cant remember alk reading but calcium was at 410. The only color coraline that has developed so far is green. It has really taken off on any plastic surface in the tank. The lighting on the tank is dual 175w 10k xm's, with 2 95 watt URI 10k, and 2 95w URI actinic bulbs, with 2 65w uridius 50/50 pc bulbs. There is lots of flow in the tank and I am using two hang on fuges. What could be causing this, is it normal and, if not what do you suggest for a fix. I read OSD's thread there a while back but still left wondering. Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have some purple somewhere on rocks inside the tank? If not, you need to introduce it to have it.

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    Yes there is lots of purple on the rocks in the tank. Thats why I'm puzzled.

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    It will come, i didn't think was getting any but then when i was moving around some rock i saw a WHOLE WACK of new growth.
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