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Thread: SPS Questions

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    SPS Questions

    I just recently picked up a 4 inch frag of tri colour acro and put it into my tank. 3 days later and I see it turning white and dying on me. What conditions should these be put in? I thought I had all the neccessary equipment.

    1X250 watt MH / 1X400 watt MH / 3 maxi-jet 900's for flow

    Am I missing something?

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    Well there are lots of possibilites, but typically bleeching of new additions means there was too large a change of light intensity. Do you know the lights that the frag was under previously, and is it placed similarly in the tank with the same distance to the light and through the same amount of water?

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    People will need much more input about your setup to answer your question.

    SPS need more than high light and good flow to stay alive and thrive.

    How long has your tank been running, what are your alk and calcium levels, temperature, PH? Give us more information.

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    Tank has been up and running for a few weeks, but with stuff from my old 46 gallon. Guess it just wasn't time yet to put in the SPS. Too bad since it was a huge piece too. I will wait another month before trying again.

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    its likely the water is just not quite right or lgihting is too strong?

    how big is ur tank and how did u place the 400w and the 250w lamps? cause its not like light will blend together just cause they're in a canopy

    thats too bad about ur acro... i can't wait to start into the stony stuff, but i'm so scared..

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    there are so many possible reasons for its death...
    Tank too young springs to mind. Maybe just shocked by the change.
    Calcium, alkalinity and ph must be tested for and kept within the proper ranges- calc- 400-450, alk 9-11dkh, ph 8.0-8.3
    Sps like a mature and very stable system to thrive.

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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