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    Super skimmer question

    I just bought a Coralife super skimmer 3004 from Chrispol ( thanks again Chris) just wondering what you guys think of them. I have a won brothers 125 here now but since I want to get into keeping SPS, I figured a skimmer would be necessary. The won brothers skimmer worked fantasic, but I just wasn't sure if it would haul out enough nutrients and junk for successful sps keeping.

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    I don't own one but it has good user reviews at Reef Central.

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    I own the 3004. I don't have much to compare it to directly, but, it works well and is fairly quiet.

    I have modified the output to be more of a "Hartford loop" so I don't have to diddle with the valve to set the air / water interface level (and to move the output water further away at 90 degrees to the normal output). I'm using mine completely in sump.

    At "tea" to "dark tea" skimmate, I produce about 1-2 measuring cups of skimmate per day on my 75 g w/65 g sump. I find it starts to slow down production after 2-4 days and needs cleaning of the riser tube.

    My only complaint is the little o-ring under the collection cup / riser tube assembly (the whole removable top). It likes to stick to the cup and fall on the floor if I don't twist / slide the top off right. :rant:

    But, overall I'm pretty happy with it.
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    I have had no problems with mine as of yet, I agree with cres on the whole o-ring thing, it is a pain in the butt to get it after it falls behind my tank. I am using mine as a hang on to my tank as I do not have a sump.

    I had an awful time with an old skimmer, it was one that you needed to hook up external air pumps, and an air stone. It was doing nothing compared to this.

    This has by far been the best thing I have bought for my tank to date. Good luck with yours and let us know how you like it.

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    Mine is also only rated for the 65gal

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    I have a 3004 and it works great. I can't really compare it to anything else, it's my first skimmer but all I can say is that for the price it's not realy worth making a DIY and it works. At the present time it is hanging on the side of my tank. I almost finished my sump so it will go in there pretty soon.

    One negative comment, download a newer version of the instruction manual on the Coralife web-site. If you follow the instructions suplied in the box (most likely the old ones) the pump will be too deep in the water and won't make any bubbles. The new instructions tell you to bring up the pump closer to the surface buy cutting the plastic pipe.

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