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    PhosBan Reactor 150 Questions.

    Is anyone here using one of these contraptions. Was looking into them and seriously considering adding one to my system. What type of pump do you recomend to use with it. Any they any different than just using phosban in a media tray of a canister filter or are they a much more effceint form of phosphate removal? Thanks in advance again for the advice.

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    Sory to highjack your thread :biglaugh2 ,
    I also have a question about these reactor.

    Is it a bad idea to put more than one filter media(like phosban and carbon) at a same time in different filter bags in the reactor?


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    I am using a Maxi Jet 900 on mine and it is more than enough. You want just enough flow to make the surface boil. It is MUCH more effective than putting it in a bag and throwing it into the sump. I would not try to run Phosban or Rowaphos without one. My preference is for Rowa. I'll try the Eco stuff soon as well.

    I have heard of people mixing in carbon. It works, but I have not tried it myself.

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    Bill's advice is right on
    I run both Rowaphos and Rowacarbon in my reactor at the same time- works perfectly fine.
    However, steve, I'm not sure about your question since if you are running a fluidised reactor like the Phosban reactor, no media bags are used- the stuff is loose inside the chamber.

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    I am using the Phosban reactor the older 10 screw model a real pain,but nevertheless still works well much better than a canister as mentioned before. I heard the new model is a twist off top I think Kent came out with one to ,I may pick up one up .


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    Just got my Phosban Reactor 150 two days ago, seems to be running fine, i have it connected to the same loop my UV is on. FYI yes the new model is a twist off cap, very easy to open and change media.

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