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    Q: about stinging + shrinking

    Do all corals sting? what would be the flow chart for those that sting? (eg: a stings b, b stings c, a doesnt sting c). I just want to know how it works out.

    In my 5.5g, i had a custom refuge built inside. My mushrooms (red, green) where thriving in it, expanding 5x in size. The day I decided to rip out the refuge to make it trutly 5.5g, the mushrooms havent been expanding like they usually would. Lighting is only 20w, but they seemed to do fine before. Only have 1 nemo in the tank + 2 crabs and a snail. Everything else (blue mushrooms) are doing great and have already stated to spread. Salinity 0.0026

    Also just want to know something, I picked up a piece of xenia from the LFS, looked healthy. When I went home to frag it onto a rock w/ toothpick and put it in my tank, it started pusling etc... fine. The next day it looked like it was shedding, losing it's skin. Also noticed white/yellow areas where its splitting/cracking. Is this because it possibly got infected when I handled it? It's still alive, but wondering if it will heal nicely.

    Some info:
    5.5, ac300 fuge w/calurpa (just added recently after the problem)
    cl mini pc 50/50 20w
    80gph ph
    7lb lr
    10lb ls
    ocean pure salt
    0.0026 salinity
    temp 81-82
    fuge light on 24hr
    tank lighting: 7:30am-8:30pm 50/50, 8:30pm-10:00pm moonlight
    water changes 1.5l every week with everyday top off of about 100ml. (i leave a cup of water out the night, or 2 nights before). Theres always distilled water.
    10.G Nano Reef
    40.G Reef (ITW)

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    Im not sure whats happening with your Xenia. That doesnt sound too healthy, IMO, but it could just be that its splitting and healing from the rough handling. I think you should post a picture of it.

    As for the question of do all corals sting, Im pretty sure they dont. Even my BTA doesnt produce that potent of a sting (least to human touch). It maybe that scientifically all corals sting, just to varying degrees; some being super sensitive to human touch.

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    Everything to my knowledge in the Cinidaria phylum group stings

    I think, if i remember correctly

    Jellyfish > Anemone > Softies > SPS > LPS

    i got a good feeling i'm wrong, read the article

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